In the 20th century a major trend in pharmacy was the rapid growth in the number of women entering the field of pharmacy. That dramatic shift and the contributions of the tens of thousands of women pharmacists are now documented at APhA headquarters in the Women in Pharmacy Exhibit and Conference Room

Pill Organizer

Pill Boxes and/or Organizers allows you to manage your daily medication dosage with minimal effort. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are available in weekly and monthly sizes as well as multiple frequencies such as once or twice daily.

Our Tools

The mortar is a bowl, and the pestle is a heavy club shaped object, the end of which is used for crushing and grinding. The mortar and pestle is usually utilized when cooking and when crushing ingredients for a certain drug in pharmacies. It can also be used in masonry and in other types of construction.

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Michelle L. Thornton-Taylor
Taylored for You was founded by Michelle Thornton-Taylor.  Her goal is to empower individuals by providing health related information that will enable people to make informed decisions, to inform the public of available assistance for medical care options, pharmaceutical products, and services, and to link people with resources so they can optimize their health care experience.  Taylored for You alerts the public on the latest resources that can assist in paying for medications and other health related cost; provides articles relevant to the latest developments in health care, including medications and changes in health care laws; makes available accurate information to dispel the myths from television and radio commercials; and supplies timely write-ups on upcoming new releases in drug therapy.

Michelle is a graduate of Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy in Tallahassee, Florida. Upon her graduation her brother nicknamed her “Legalized Pill Pusha”, hence the tagline for this site. Michelle is a registered pharmacist licensed in the state of Florida, Oregon and Tennessee. She has been practicing for 32 years in areas of Retail, Hospital, I.V. Home Infusion, Hospice Pain Management, Long Term Care and currently, Specialty Pharmacy.

Michelle is currently employed at BioCure, LLC and is pharmacy manager at their Orlando Pharmacy (ORLRx). In addition to her pharmacist’s duties, Michelle shares her knowledge through mini-workshops for her fellow co-workers.

When Michelle is not practicing her chosen profession of pharmacy, she spends her time with her husband of 27 years and her family. She manages her own web site development company Final Touch Web Designs,  gives back to her community through her membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and gives her time and talent to the Women’s Ministry of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida. Her hobbies are cooking (for those who like to eat), scrap booking/card making and reading (mysteries, police dramas and science fiction).

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